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A Short Course in Buddhist Meditation

The Method:
1. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position with the back straight and the head tilted slightly down. Let your eyes be either gently closed or just slightly open; enough to be aware of some light yet unfocused from your surroundings.
2. Breathe only through the nose and bring your attention gently to the sensation of in and out breathing at the tip of the nose, letting the breath be natural and even. Be aware of how the breath feels, long or short, fast or slow. If it feels uncomfortable, let it gradually adjust until it feels easy and natural.
3. As you remain focused on the breath, awareness of other sensations will arise. Simply let your awareness of them be experienced through abiding with the breath. Allow them to rise and fall away naturally.
A) As Sensations of the body arise, feelings or tactile sensations and sensations of sight, hearing and smell; notice these through the rising and falling of the breath.
B) As perception arises with its recognition of particular things; simply bring your attention back to the sensation of breathing in and out, watching them rise and fall naturally.
C) As thoughts arise, thoughts of today, recollections of past events, thoughts of things yet to be done. Do not follow these but simply watch them arise and fall through the sensation of breathing in and out.
4. Allow yourself to feel peaceful and at ease.
5. Through the awareness of the rising and falling of the breath, let your awareness gradually expand throughout the entire body; notice how the body feels with the gentle movement of the breath. Let your awareness spread evenly and gradually, so that there is a sense of calmness and unity.



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