History and Development of Wat Florida Dhammaram
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Prince Siddhattha, going forth to the life of an ascetic.



Magha Puja



Thai festival days with images of devas overhead and flanked by yakkha giants.












The murals which fill the walls of the Uposotha, are of four main themes. Along the upper walls, which follow the length of the hall on both sides, are 33 images depicting the Life of Lord Buddha. On the panels between the windows are 10 images called Dosachat, a traditional selection of past incarnations or previous lives of Lord Buddha, before he took birth as Prince Siddhattha later becoming the Awakened One. On the wall at the front of the hall are frames representing Thai cultural holidays and Buddhist observance days; the sentinel forms of the Yakkha giants flank these images. Covering the wall behind the Buddha shrine are depicted the four Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India: the nativity of Lord Buddha at Lumbini, His enlightenment at Bodgaya, the Buddha’s first sermon at Dhamekha and His death (Parinibbana) at Kusinara. The images of Devas are seen witnessing these events, as are those of ordinary people in their daily activities, giving these windows to the Buddha’s time a feeling of heaven come to earth.








  • Sala Talais is a teak house that sits at the front of the temple property. This building was constructed in the ornate style and rustic charm of the old country traditions of Thailand. It was prefabricated in Thailand and shipped for assembly at Wat Florida Dhammaram in B.E. 2540 (1997).

Inside is a shrine to King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) of the Chakri Dynasty.


Sala Talais was donated by Grandma Jongjit Ruangkritya







  • The Somdej Phra Wannarat Jub Thitadhammamahathera School, was built in B.E. 2540-41 (1997-98). The Building is 1,410 square feet.

Venerable Chaokhun Phra Tepvaraporn and his family built this school in memory the Venerable Chaokhun Somdej Phra Wannarat Jub Thitadhammamahathera, the late Abbot of Wat Sommanat Vihara in Bangkok. The purpose of this facility is for the studies of Dhamma during the three-month monastic rains retreat (Phansa) and Thai music, language and cultural studies for children.

Image from Dosachat














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