The Perfection of Morality

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Bhuridatta was the son of the Naga King Thataratha, whose realm was the Underwater World, and an earthly mother, Queen Samuthaja. Bhuridatta wanted to attain the heavenly planets and so undertook the moral precepts and austerities necessary to that goal.

Bhuridatta meets two Brahmins, a father and son, who he befriends and takes to the Naga realm for a year of luxury. The father later betrays Bhuridatta to another Brahmin, Alambayana, for a magic jewel. Alambayana knows the spell for subduing Naga’s and captures Bhuridatta, forcing him to perform in village markets. Bhuridatta suppresses his anger and continues to follow moral law.

When Queen Samuthaja learns of her son’s capture, she sends his brothers and stepsister to go in search of him. Bhuridatta is discovered by his brother Suthasana, who disguises himself as an ascetic and along with his stepsister who has taken the shape of a frog, hidden in his matted hair. Suthasana confronts Alambayana to a duel in magic, whereby his stepsister as a frog spits poison on Alambayana changing him into a leper. Alambayana is frightened and Bhuridatta is freed.

Buridatta assumes a radiant form and the Brahmins are punished. The Naga’s are converted to keeping the Moral Precepts.