Perfection of Forbearance

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The Bodhisattha is born as Chandrakumard, the son of King Ekaracha of Pupphavati. The Kings religious advisor, a Brahmin named Kandahala is made a judge but he becomes corrupt, taking bribes and settling cases unjustly. In one such case Chandrakumard intervenes and reverses a wrong decision, much to the joy of the people. The King hears of this and appoints him as judge in place of Kandahala who vows to take his revenge.

One night the King dreams of heaven and asks Kandahala to interpret it. The Brahmin tells the King that the way to heaven lies through great sacrifice of family and possessions. In this way Kandahala hoped to be rid of Chandrakumard.

The King accepts this and plans are made for the sacrifice. Several times he reconsiders and all are released, but Kandahala persists and the King renews his terrible decision. At the last moment when Chandrakumard is about to be killed, Queen Chananda performs an auspicious rite and Indra hears her appeal. Indra appears with blazing iron and frightens the King. The crowd revolts and kills Kandahala and crowns Chandrakumard as King. King Ekaracha is banished but later Chandrakumard forgives and cares for him.