Perfection of Resolution

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The Bodhisattha is reborn as Nemi-Kumara, destined to complete a cycle of 48,000 kings who had renounced the world. When he inherited the throne he became known as "Good King Nemi", renowned for his righteousness and generosity.

One day, doubt came into his mind as to which was better, leading a holy life or giving alms. Indra himself answered that the holy life is better but one must do both.

The gods in the Davatimsa heaven heard of Good King Nemi and wishing to meet him sent the heavenly charioteer Matali to fetch him. On the way to their abode the charioteer takes him on a tour of the various sections of Hell and past the great mansions of Heaven, all of which are graphically displayed.

King Nemi stayed in the Davatimsa heaven for seven days discoursing with the gods and then returned to tell his subjects what he had seen and heard. Later, when his barber found the first white hair, Good King Nemi retired the throne to his son Kalara-janaka who renounced the world and brought the Makhadeva dynasty to its ordained end.