Birth of Prince Siddhartha

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Prince Siddhartha was born during the full moon of Visakha in the year 624 BCE. On the day of his birth, Queen Sirimahamaya was traveling from Gabilabahd to Devadaha, observing the custom of traveling to her fathers house to give birth to her son. While traveling there she approached a lovely park of Sala trees called Lumbini, located between the two capitols but nearer to her homeland of Devadaha. As she reached up to touch the branch of a Sala tree she started contractions and gave birth.

As soon as the Bodhisatta was born, he walked seven steps forward. At each step, a lotus flower appeared on the ground. At the seventh step, he raised his right hand and exclaimed, “I am the wisest one in the world. This is my last birth”.